Warm Congratulations to Three Students entering National Team of International Olympiad and Asian Olympiad

According to the notice of Chinese Physical Society, HAN Yongyan from Class 9 Grade 11 was included in the national team of the 51st International Physics Olympiad. CHEN Yuxing and WU Xianghao from Class 9 Grade 12 entered the 21st Asian Physics Olympiads. Our school hereby would like to extend warm congratulations to the three students included in the national teams! And our school would also like to express sincere appreciation to their coaching teachers FAN Xiaohui, WANG Xinshao and FANG Xianfa as well as headmasters of Class 9 Grade 11 HUANG Guangwei and HUANG Man, and headmaster of Class 9 Grade 12 HUANG Guo’an.

Our school made outstanding achievements again this time after DONG Zehao won gold prize of IPhO, GU Zhouzhou gold prize of APHO in 2018, GONG Xiaoxun gold prize of IPhO and CHEN Shu gold prize of APHO in 2019! In the past three years, our school has a total of 7 students included in the national team of Physics Olympiads, which reflects the training results of top-notch talents with innovative ideas against the backdrop of education reform in the new era. In the new era, we embark on a new journey. Let’s seize the day and live it to the full. We hope that the three students will guard against arrogance and rashness and continue to work hard ands win honors for the country and EFZ, namely No.2 High School of ECNU!

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