Our students achieve good results at IOL China Open Round 2020

On April 25, the International Linguistics Olympiad (IOL) China Open Round 2020 was successfully concluded. More than 1,500 middle school students from all around the country participated in the academic challenge. Our school contestants achieved good results in individual and team awards, among whom Shen Wangjin, Chen Gefei and Shi Liwen won the first prize for individuals, Feng Xinyi, Ji Junyi, Pan Zeyi and Zhu Xinyu the second and they successfully advanced to the final selection of IOL China.

Event introduction

The International Linguistics Olympiad is one of the 12 Olympic science competitions in the world. It is a top-level discipline event for senior high school students all over the world. This competition does not require contestants to grasp deep linguistic knowledge, but it requires them to crack laws beyond language imagination through algorithmic thinking, logical thinking, problem solving and other comprehensive abilities. It aims to cultivate students to understand and analyze problems, develop mathematical ability, algorithm thinking and imaginative logical reasoning.

Participation experience

Ji Junyi said,“some competitions in which I had intended to participate were cancelled because of the epidemic this year. A historical research project that I was doing during the winter vacation happened to involve linguistic knowledge, so I enrolled for the International Linguistics Olympiad. It only took less than a month from registration to entry, but I found that linguistics is an interesting discipline in the process of preparation for the competition.”

“I used to think of linguistics as liberal arts. Then I started to get to know about it and I realized that it is in fact a discipline that crosses liberal arts and sciences. It pays great attention to the application of logical thinking and allows us to analyze language itself from the perspective of different disciplines. Through the integration of linguistics and other disciplines, interdisciplinary disciplines such as computer linguistics and sociolinguistics are produced and they also play an important role in the field of artificial intelligence. Linguistics is wonderful and practical, and it serves as a new key for me to understand the world.”

“Later, we will keep working hard and achieve good results in the finals, with the strong support from our teachers.”

Feng Xinyi said, “somehow, I enrolled for the International Linguistics Olympiad over a month ago. When the training exercises were opened, my heart collapsed. I may face a row of dancing villains, or a group of “fake ghost catchers”, or uncommon characters that only a dozen people use. The problem-solving process made me a sweaty palm and I even bit the pen point. Maybe it is because I started to love reading detective thrillers when I was a kid, I believe that after countless assumptions are overturned, the truth will come out eventually, just as my inner pleasure pops out after mysteries are solved.”

“After slowing down and studying it carefully, I find that linguistics has a magic power. It turns out that different language vocabularies and grammars convey amazingly different connotations and world views. Some ethnic groups are concerned about the feminine and masculine side of things and does that reflect the social norm of male or female supremacy?  Is the blending of cultures and politics of all nationalities throughout the Eurasia for thousands of years behind the changes in some words? Why do so many nationalities disappear like meteors, only leaving a string of strange characters? There are so many extensive and profound linguistic problems waiting for us to explore.”

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