ID Year 2020 Graduation Ceremony shared via Cloud

The year 2020 had a unique graduation season for the graduates of the International Division (ID). All arrangements that seemed routine turned out to be particularly valuable. Both graduates and teachers put in double efforts and enthusiasm for the preparation of the ceremony to have a special commemoration. This year’s graduation ceremony was different in everything, such as the creative masks designed by students, the confetti to everyone’s pleasant surprise at the opening of the ceremony, the colorful balloons, the signing board and the interaction via the Cloud.

Commencement of the Ceremony

Five, four, three, two, one…

Upon the last number on the big screen counted and with a hurrah that “we graduated” and the confetti thrown in blossom, the graduation ceremony for year-2020 graduates of the International Division began at 10:30 a.m. on June 12th, 2020 as scheduled.

The graduation ceremony was hosted by ID Director Wang Wei. School Principal Li Zhicong, Party Secretary Yuan Jun, Deputy Secretary Zhang Huarui, Vice principals Shi Hongliang, Lou Weiyi and Meng Xiangping, and other honored guests attended it. 7 graduates attended the ceremony online, as well as parents of the graduates and 10th and 11th graders.


Principal’s Words

School Principal Li Zhicong said, “you, senior high three students of this year, were born at a time when SARS broke out, and you graduated at the coronavirus pandemic, which reminds one of the old saying that goes, heaven will give you great responsibility,” which greatly moved all graduates. He also extended congratulations on behalf of the school to the graduates on their upcoming academic journey, and he hoped that everyone would learn to think rationally during the pandemic and undertake more responsibilities in the future.

Speeches by Students and Parents

Speeches delivered by the 12 student representatives were infused with gratitude to their teachers and attachment to the school, and tears in the eye conveyed their reluctance to leave as well as expectations for the future. Some of them could not attend the ceremony in person because they were still overseas, but all those present at the ceremony sensed their feelings via the Cloud.

Parent representatives expressed their expectations for the graduates in videos. They said, “From now on, you’ll experience life in the grown-up world. We hope that you will keep working hard, persevere in your studies, remain optimistic and at ease, make your heart and mind strong enough to face setbacks squarely and never give up. The present world is undergoing an unprecedented transformation, and a wise person shall always have the courage to accept challenges and seize opportunities. And we hope that you will seize the day and live it to the full.”

Speeches by Class Teachers and Foreign Teachers

The great speeches about his “own children” made by class teachers touched everyone on the scene. Teachers Wang Xue, Xie Dandan, and Lu Yanhong expressed their delight in students’ process and their reluctance to part with them.  They also asked students to think upon the pandemic. “Teachers, we love you!” This was the warm response from the students.

Admissions into world-famous universities were also credited to ID foreign teachers.  Bryan, a representative of foreign teachers said to the graduates, “Do not be afraid of failures, and don’t stay in your safety zone. You are grown-ups, and you should make your own world. There are many unknown ways and opportunities in life waiting for you.  Go and seize them.”


Award Moment

Two types of awards were presented to graduates at the ceremony – and 7 Years of Excellence Award.

Sato Tuowei, Yu Yanyi, Su Jiajing, Gu Yuchen, and Zhao Jiana won the Best Graduate Award of Year 2020.

Among the 45 graduates, Sato Tuowei, Yu Yanyi, Lv Xiaoyi, Jin Yixuan, Huang Xiaojun, Zheng Wenzhu, Hu Yu, Luo Yijia, Cheng Zhuen, Li Qianpeng, Ma Mingnong, Zheng Zhuyun, and Liu Jingya won the 7 Years of Excellence Award, meaning “seven years of school, seven years of excellence”, since they studied 7 years in the International Division of No. 2 High School of ECNU.

In the end, with a creative mask on, Principal Li Zhicong awarded every graduate with a diploma and took a group photo with the graduates as a memento.

At the end of the ceremony, ID Director Wang Wei said to the graduates, “You are enlightened here in the No. 2 High School and you will set out from here to the world. You should become citizens of the world, who will go beyond borders and races, respect multi-cultures, take positive actions for the human being. I hope that, with your wisdom, courage, commitment and perseverance, you will build a global village, where people and nature live in harmony, where there is no plague, where all men are created equal, and where global cooperation is a win-win situation.”

They are like a ball of fire when they unite, and they are like a starry sky when they separate.  The school hopes that the senior high three graduates will keep the special graduation ceremony in mind!


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