ID 9th Grade Holds a Poem Reciting Contest

Autumn is the harvest season on the golden earth. It is also the season of poetic beauty. Since ancient times, Autumn has been the season that poets like to describe in their works. And this Autumn, teachers and students from Grade 9 of the International Division (ID) held a poem reciting contest with the theme of “Poetry in Autumn”.

Program List of the Final of “Poetry in Autumn” Poem Reciting Contest for Grade 9

  1. Guo Renyu from 9A——Autumn Day, This Autumn Day by Lin Huiyin
  2. Zhang Yaqiao from 9B——Autumn Moon by Hsu Chih-mo
  3. Liang Xinning from 9B——Down to Earth composed by Liang Xinning
  4. Lin Meiling from 9B——Autumn by Du Yunxie
  5. Yang Junqian from 9B & Xu Yazhou from 9A——A Poem on Autumn of Paean to the Season of Autumn & In the Shanghai-Hangzhou Train by Liu Yuxi and Hsu Chih-mo
  6. Dong Xin from 9A——A Late Walk by the American author Frost
  7. Zhang Yi’an from 9A——Autumn by Du Yunxie
  8. Wang Zining and Jiang Huiyi from 9B——Letter to Autumn composed by Wang Zining and Jiang Huiyi
  9. Zhao Hongyi from 9A——A Song in the Autumn by Guo Xiaochuan
  10. Li Qianxun from 9A——Love In Fall by Lin Mincong and Wawa
  11. Piao Minzhen and others from 9A——Autumn by the Russian author Turgenev
  12. Chen En from 9B——Start of Autumn by Kun Yu

The reciting contest had two stages – the preliminary and the final. After two weeks of the preliminary, 12 groups of contestants were finally selected out of all contestants from Grade 9 and they successfully went all the way through to the final that was held on the afternoon of Sept. 24.

Homemade videos and props were used on the stage. Among them, No. 2 Contestant Zhang Yaqiao recited Autumn Moon by Hsu Chih-mo, which was ethereal and deep. The words and music were perfectly matched, and the gestures were freely used. No. 3 Contestant Liang Xinning’s original poem Down to Earth was a highlight in the contest, and she used beautiful language to tell a story about a fairy with subtle details. No. 8 Contestants Wang Zining and Jiang Huiyi brought their original poem Letter to Autumn onto the stage. Their reading was sometimes passionate and sometimes gentle, which received unanimous praise from the judges and finally won the first prize. The performance by No. 11 Contestant Piao Minzhen together with a few other contestants was a collective recitation. They used creative props to interpret Turgenev’s “Autumn” and each contestant brought surprises to the judges and the audiences with their different styles, which attracted continuous applause from the audience.

The judges of the contest were teachers from the Chinese Teaching Group of the International Division. They scored on the spot, based on poem contents, recitation skills, dressing styles, expressions, and emotional input. According to the performance of contestants and comprehensive evaluation of the judges, the results of the contest came out as listed below.

First Prize: No. 8 Wang Zining and Jiang Huiyi

Second Prize: No. 3 Liang Xinning, and No. 2 Zhang Yaqiao

Third Prize: No. 1 Guo Renyu, No. 7 Zhang Yi’an, No. 11 Piao Minzhen, Huang Yue, Lin Yuqian, and Yan Taijing

Most Creative Prize: No. 3 Liang Xinning

Best Performance Prize: No. 11 Piao Minzhen and a few other contestants

The “Poetry in Autumn” Poem Reciting Contest came to an end.  The school hereby would like to extend sincere gratitude to all the teachers who spent time and energy organizing the contest, contestants who carefully prepared for the contest, and students who took an active part in the event. Thanks to all, this autumn became more poetic!

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