International Division Celebrates All Hallows’ Day 2020

Bleak autumn wind quietly opened the door to All Hallows’ Day, adding a lot of deep colors to this special year. Students enjoyed the unique atmosphere of All Hallows’ Day with great interest, though certain activities cannot be held this year due to the impact of the COVID-19.

Decorations of All Hallows’ Day could be seen everywhere in the teaching building on Oct. 30, with orange and black as the main colors of the “strange” festival, and symbolic patterns such as “witch”, “spider” and “bat” constructing the “weird” festival. The grinning pumpkins on the photo wall in the lobby of the first floor also seemed to launch challenges to the EFZers in fancy dresses, who initiated an oath to sweep the whole International Division, and obtained their own “trophies” on the journey full of surprises. They marched towards hope and victory!

Offices were alive with sounds of laughter. Teachers integrated with the festive atmosphere and participated in the party.  Some of them wore Slytherin’s costumes and others wore the International Division’s uniforms. They were busy in the office delivering all kinds of candies to each “little ghost” carrying jack-o’-lanterns.  Seeing the pleasant smiles on the red cheeks of the “little ghosts” when they received the candies, the ‘big ghosts’ smiled in satisfaction and silently saw the “little ghosts” off.

Catwalk show was cancelled this year and the “little ghosts” who were keen to take photos hung their photos on the photo wall in the lobby of the first floor. Different costumes and postures showed their unique personality and attitude. Those with blood-stained makeup added ingenious thoughts of gradation and contrast of color for their style. The red “blood” wrapped the lower eyelids around. The vermilion “blood tears” “bled” along the red face, and the red tears at the corner of the mouth seemed to condense “arrogance” and “hate”, leaving a sharp edge on the face.  Some boys even disguised themselves as women.  They specially chose to wear wigs and drew a light eye shadow around the eye bag, forming a unique scenery.

The last “exclusive festival” bell rang, and All Hallows’ Day party was over. Yet, the joy and pride those “trophies” brought to the students were not over. They would drift further in the future with the bleak autumn wind.

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