The International Division holds Renaissance Film Festival

On Monday, the 23rd of November 2020, all 9th graders, some teachers and special guests gathered in the Lecture Hall for the school’s first ever Renaissance Film Festival. The event was a culmination of 2 months hard work from every Grade 9 student, where their excellent short films were showcased, commented, and appreciated.

Students from the 9th grade studied the Renaissance, Age of Exploration and Scientific Revolution this semester, and the videos contained details that focused on some essential historical events from these historical periods, such as the revolutionary Gutenberg printing press, scientific developments, land explorations and trade developments. Videos from the same topic were displayed together.

When preparing films, apart from the topics, length, students had total freedom on the production they created and Mr. Webster hoped to encourage talented students to explore their creative sides and explain historical events in a fun and modern way. During the festival, it was clear that students embraced the challenge, showed rich creativity in content creation and the styles they adopted, and no group had the same design or used identical video-making techniques. One group drew anime-like figures that represented each group member. Another group used a whiteboard and animated pictures with added narration. Another group even used Lego to create a stop motion video. And another group even chose to put their drama skills to use, acting as scientists, which saw everyone giggling throughout the entire video.

Judges of the film festival were David Robinson, a teacher from Literature Class B Grade 9, Erik Liimatta, a teacher from Literature Class A Grade 9, and Megan Gooden, a teacher of English Writing from Grade 9. It was not easy at all to make assessments, for all videos were unique and original and standards were extremely high.

The winning groups are listed as follows.

Best Winning Film

  • LEGO MEN – Him (杨浚谦), Leon (曾皓凯), Michael (江翰扬) & Nuno (夏之杰) – 9B

Best Film – The Gutenberg Printing Press

  • FISHES – Cherry (李千寻), Michelle (国仁宇), Serena (陈嘉仪), & Yoshie (陈佳爱) – 9A

Best Film – The Scientific Revolution

  • LG – Joey (杨嘉乐), Kevin (朴载亨), Max (罗翊恺) & Oliver (徐俊熙) – 9B

Best Film – Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation

  • DAISIES – Coco (杜珂), Jessica (朴玟贞) & Kat (黄悦) – 9A

Best Film – Major achievements in Art, Literature, and Architecture

  • THE DICTATORS – Cindy (刘静妍), Isabella (王璿雲) & Yvonne (林妤蒨) – 9A

Best Film – The Age of Exploration

  • LEGO MEN – Him (杨浚谦), Leon (曾皓凯), Michael (江翰扬) & Nuno (夏之杰) – 9B

The Renaissance Film Festival was modern, brand new, and charming to all participating students and teachers from grade 9. The International Division hopes that it will be held every year afterwards so that the future 9th graders will be able to display their talents and glamour.

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