HAN Yongyan from Our School Wins Gold Medal in IdPhO 2020 & 3 Gold Medal in A Row

In the International distributed Physics Olympiad 2020 that closed on the evening of December 15, five players from the Chinese team, including our school’s HAN Yongyan won gold medals with outstanding results of more than 50% over the gold medal mark line and took the top five of this competition. So far, No.2 High School of East China Normal University has obtained 28 gold medals in total at International Olympiads and achieved three gold medals in a row in the International Physics Olympiad.

▲ HAN Yongyan, second from the right

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the 51st International Physics Olympiad that was originally scheduled to be held in Lithuania from July 18 to 26 this year was postponed to the following year and the subsequent competitions were also postponed in turn. However, as the common practice goes, every year each country and region must select students of the year for international competitions and yet students selected this year have no chance to participate because of the delay.

Considering this situation, Russia took the initiative to undertake this year’s competition proposition and organization, allowing the competition to be held, with the consent of the International Physics Olympiad Committee.

Finally, this competition was held in participating countries and regions from December 8 to 15, 2020 in different time zones. A total of 204 players from 45 countries and regions participated and 17 gold medals were taken. The competition in China Division was organized by Peking University, and the examination room was located in the School of Physics, Peking University.

▲ Live Competition

After DONG Zehao and GONG Xiaoxun, this is the third consecutive year that students from No.2 High School of East China Normal University have won the gold medal of the International Physics Olympiad. Our school hereby would like to extend warm congratulations to the gold medal winner HAN Yongyan and the Physics Olympiad Coaching Team!

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