Christmas is Coming

-- International Division Christmas Party 2020

On December 24, coldness in the air was lit up by joy and tenderness, which spread among everyone, like happy children walking lightly in every corner of the International Division. The red, green, and gold colors as the visual core colors for decorations, which were ubiquitous in the teaching building, with the slowly extended line of sight, rendered various feelings in people’s heart once again, with red symbolic of warmness and joy, green bringing a lot of fun, and gold representing magnificence and colorfulness. They opened the door of the concert hall like 3 cute and playful elves, revealing splendidness behind the door.

The expecting eyes of the students in the audience seemed to be filled with a crystal ball, and they couldn’t wait to enjoy this upcoming visual and auditory feast.

Students from the K-POP Korean Dance Club of the International Division caused a sensation with a song Forever Young.  Five students brought in person the K-POP culture that is now popular all over the world onto campus, and the stage was hot with vibrant dance intensity and highly dynamic music.

After performing the melodrama Dalabongba last year, students from 8C played an adapted version of Snow White. The humorous lines and creative character settings made everyone laugh.

Students from 10A and 10B, including CAI Xiangya and LI Jiajia performed a beautiful dance Festive Lantern.  The soft and elegant dance displayed the bizarre and mysterious images of the god and the ghost vividly, and their concave curves of the body expressed endless sadness. The beautiful mountain ghost didn’t meet her sweetheart and she felt extremely sad deep inside, as the sky grew darker, and she put a river lantern into the slowly flowing stream with her slender hand, and the lantern vanished into a burst of smoke.

The annual moment of Santa Claus giving candies was still the most exciting moment for the audience. When foreign teachers ran out from the backstage, everyone cheered, and they grabbed the candies in the sky and enjoyed the sweetness of the candy and the joy of Christmas.

The Christmas atmosphere on December 24 disappeared gradually beyond the threshold of the International Division Hall.  However, the full joy did not fade out of our vision.  It might be wandering somewhere in the air, ready to knock on the door of the next house.

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