Students from the International Division win at USAD 2021

From September 1, 2020 to February 3, 2021, the USAD decathletes from the International Division of No. 2 High School of East China Normal University participated in USAD 2021 China under the leadership of Ms. He Liyun.

13 students from Grade 9 to Grade 11 won 2 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze medals out of over 2,500 participants. The team won 12 single academic awards, Award of Outstanding Achievement, and Excellent Coach Award, making the best USAD result up to date for the International Division!

What’s USAD?

With a history of 50 years, USAD (United States Academic Decathlon) is the most prestigious comprehensive thematic academic team competition for high school students. USAD participants are required to study and compete in ten different subjects – Mathematics, Economics, Science, Literature, Music, Art, Social Science, Writing, Speech and Interview. Having both individual competition and team competition, USAD tests not only a player’s ability to learn and apply knowledge, but also a team’s ability to work together and plan, which is academically challenging. Each USAD has a theme on which all events are based. This year, the theme was The Cold War.

The International Division created the USAD club in 2018 for the sake of higher academic level of the USAD participants, which was certified as an official USAD club in October. The establishment of the club has laid a solid foundation for the success of the participants.

List of USAD team members from the International Division

9A Chen Jiayi

9A Guo Renyu

9A Li Qianxun

9A Zhang Yi’an

9B Zhang Yaqiao

Liu Zijun, Overseas Class A, Grade 10

Shi Luwei, Overseas Class A, Grade 10

Hitoshi Nagata, Overseas Class A, Grade 10

Wang Yueming, Overseas Class B, Grade 10

Fang Wenjie, Overseas Class A, Grade 11

He Taotao, Overseas Class A, Grade 11

Xing Zhi, Overseas Class A, Grade 11

She Jiekai, Overseas Class B, Grade 11

Academic Awards

He Taotao, Gold Medal for Individual Score
He Taotao, Gold Medal for Literature
He Taotao, Silver Medal for Music
He Taotao, Silver Medal for Mathematics
He Taotao, Silver Medal for Social Science
Shi Luwei, Bronze Medal for Mathematics
Wang Yueming, Bronze Medal for Art
He Taotao, Bronze Medal for Economics

Highest score in the team, Zhang Yaqiao and He Taotao
Merit Award of Music, Li Qianxun and Shi Luwei
Merit Award of Economics, Guo Renyu
Merit Award of Mathematics, Fang Wenjie and Xing Zhi
Merit Award of Literature, Xing Zhi
Merit Award of Science, Zhang Ya Qiao
Merit Award of Art, He Taotao
Merit Award of Speech, Zhang Yi’an
Merit Award of Interview, Zhang Yi’an
Merit Award of Writing, Guo Renyu and He Taotao

Excellent Coach Award, He Liyun and Ma Xiaolei

School Award

Award of Outstanding Achievement

A Wide Range of Club Activities

Making Abstract Expressionism splash-ink paintings, a popular art form in the West during the Cold War

Team playing larp together on holiday (the calm before the storm)

Preparation and lesson for the team by Sean, a foreign teacher

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