International Division School Opening Ceremony of Second Semester 2020 School Year

On the morning of Feb. 25, 2021, Director of the International Division, Ms. Wang Wei’s speech lit up the lights on the road of learning. As she said, “The school hopes that you will be more self-disciplined and have more specific goal. Surprise yourself and surprise your teachers.”, the opening ceremony of the International Division began in the Concert Hall.

At 8:30 am on Feb. 25, 2021, after a month of winter vacation, students gathered at school and started a new academic journey. Fu Zhenliang, Deputy Director of the International Division announced the beginning of the second semester of the 2020 school year, and then the opening ceremony was launched. First was giving awards. Ms. Wang especially praised the students who actively participated in extracurricular competitions. At the same time, she also gave new requirements and reminders for the semester. The whole opening ceremony was successful and warm, and the new semester must be full of vigor and hope!

Those who won the Best Student Award, Best Study Award, Outstanding Cadre Award, Fastest Progress Award, Most Respectful and Disciplined Award lined up on stage, and the awards were presented by Wang Wei. The award ceremony was an exciting part of the opening ceremony, and all the students on stage showed their brightest smiles. At the same time, those who took an active part in extracurricular activities gained a lot at Brain Bee, CTVE, CTB, USAD.  The participating students won 2 Gold, 3 Silver and 3 Bronze medals in the USAD. The USAD team also gained 12 academic awards, outstanding achievement award and excellent coach award, making it the best record of the International Division so far. The audience extended their sincere congratulations to everyone participating in the USAD with warm applause. Ms. Wang was always concerned about students’ morality and discipline. She made required on students. They must not use mobile phones in violation of rules. They must complete and hand in assignments on time, and wear school uniforms appropriately. They may not eat or drink casually in public places. They must not engage in behaviors that endanger life. They must comply with regulations on epidemic prevention and control. As Mencius said, “Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards”, students may behave with stricter constraints in daily activities, with the rules reminding them.

The epidemic prevention and control in China are developing in the best direction, and the International Division hopes that students will develop to their best, and that they will shine, be more self-disciplined, have more specific goals, and surprise teachers and themselves!

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